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Precision machined in solid brass, with your choice of plating, The Presslift™ is a complex mechanism using 19 components to stabilize vinyl records for improved tracking and superior playback quality with the added bonus that the tonearm is lifted automatically at the end of the record to reduce wear on stylus and cartridge.

Sixty percent of its total weight is free-spinning which reduces the starting torque burden on the turntable motor and belt.

The free-spinning weight is computer balanced and is isolated on a high-quality ceramic ball bearing. The special suspension mechanism of the free-spinning weight will help absorb disturbances if transferred to the platter during play by external shock or vibration, resulting in a perceptibly more silent playback system.

The Presslift™ features an amazing and unique automatic tonearm lifting system employing inertia transmitted from the platter coupled with a complex spiral design. The 0.9 gram lifter is engineered to adapt without any tools to virtually all tonearms, head-shells and cartridge combinations.

The automatic inertial spiral lift works flawlessly every-time, one thousand out of one thousand times without fail, regardless of position or timing and does not require any resetting or readjustment once installed.

Your valuable cartridge is lifted at the end of the play and the top of the unit soon comes to a full stop while the platter keeps spinning below. At this point, the output from the cartridge remains dead-silent as if the unit were completely stopped.

These unique characteristics set this instrument in a class of its own when compared to traditional record stabilization devices or various types of arm lifters which require arming prior to each replay. 

The Presslift is ideal to be used on turntables employing more than one tonearm as it is not sensitive to positioning relative to the base of the arm.

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