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HIGHLIGHTS from High-End 2019!

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Mind-Pop Revolution,, has been selected by the High-End Society to exhibit the Presslift at High-End in Munich as one of six newcomers to the Hi-Fi industry from May 9 through 12, 2019, at MOC Munich.

The Presslift received significant attention from the press from Germany, the UK, France, Italy, USA and most guests who visited the stand conveyed with excitement their admiration and praise with words such as "GENIUS! CLEVER! AMAZING!".

While overwhelmed with such high level of attention, we are grateful and in the same time proud to be able to bring innovation to the Hi-Fi industry through skills and engineering capabilities honed from practicing in various industries from telecommunications to spaceflight.

This type of excitement further validates our commitment to bring to life new, innovative and unique products such as a new turntable concept using a split platter and a pendular tonearm which reads the groove tangentially with high accuracy and further down the road, a novel, fully analog way of reading the groove in greater resolution without electro-magnetic arrangements as utilized in current cartridges.

We simply do not want to fine-tune nearly 100 year old technology, we want to adapt advanced known technology to the Hi-Fi analog world and have fun all along the way during this endeavor.

We are extremely grateful to our exclusive distributors and independent manufacturers, Tentogra from Poland, represented by Mr. Wojciech Samolyk and Musica Nova from Germany, represented by Mr. Harald Pensel for bringing their own turntables to showcase the Presslift and also for being ever-present at the stand during all days to help with demos and explanations.

We had good and memorable times together and we had the opportunity to meet some wonderful visitors, here below are some photos to tell the story.

I would like to close my commentary with a cordial note of gratitude to the High-End Society for giving us such an opportunity and also to all visitors for their time, admiration and praise!

First day, ready for action: Mr. Wojciech Samolyk, I, Gaby Mindreci and Mr. Harald Pensel

First day, making sure everything is perfect: my beautiful better half, Daniela Mindreci

Mr. Paul Messenger honored us with his visit. He actually liked The Presslift™. We also had the opportunity to meet his lovely wife.

Mr. Jay Bertrand and I had spoken on the phone some weeks prior to the show. It was a pleasure to finally meet in person! As of May 18th 2019, Bertrand Audio Imports becomes exclusive distributor for The Presslift™ in the United States of America. Welcome to the Mind-Pop team Jay!

I don't know exactly how to explain the feeling but Mr. Ken Kessler and I seem to have the stars aligned in a special way... we like the same things, we talk about the same things, we know about the same things... Crazy but true.

Mr. John Jay Jay French of Twisted Sister, is a cool dude with a high level of knowledge of things Hi-Fi. We had an engaging conversation about vintage audio while talking about our new pendular arm under development and he told me about the Marantz SLT-12. I quickly looked it up of course.

Oh, and he gave me one of his guitar picks and told me if he catches me selling it on E-Bay he will chase me all the way to Patagonia... I'll just have to settle with Craigslist... jk, jk...

When Mr. Michael Fremer arrived at the Newcomer stand, he came straight up to our spot while filming and while not talking. Some were intimidated. I had to do all the talking for a while until he warmed up to the idea that it is crowded in this corner because this is where the cool stuff is...

Introducing Mr. Sung-Bo Shim of Chess Audio, our new exclusive Sales Agent for South Korea. Straight shooter and a real nice guy!

Our new exclusive Sales Agent for Hong Kong and China, Mr. Charles Han, proudly posing next to Mr. Michael Fremer, the chief editor of Analog Planet.

The Presslift™ on the Tentogra Gramy, works flawlessly even with the 45º beveled Kuzma tonearm head.

The Presslift™ was used from the end of the first day, throughout the show to perfect the sound on the Yamaha flagship turntable between the outstanding Yamaha NS-5000 speakers.

Thank you Yamaha for your confidence in The Presslift™!

The last day after we were all packed-up and everyone else was gone, I turned around and looked nostalgically at the empty stand. I wondered if we did everything right and whether we did anything wrong... I remembered how I've always dreamt of going one day to the High End in Munich and how I never imagined that I will be here for the first time as an exhibitor. Life is funny that way. I am thankful for having had this opportunity. Then, instead of writing on the wall "Gaby was here", I left my badge behind.


Gaby Cristian Mindreci

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