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The Presslift™

As a new invention comes along for a device capable of associating distinct functions previously accomplished by separate devices, it is often difficult to describe such device in one succinct word.

In the world of Hi-Fi analog audio equipment we find many separate devices specifically designed to improve the quality of the audio signal extracted from the groove.

When it comes to vinyl, dedicated purists, aka audiophiles, appear to agree unanimously that highest purity in sound comes from turntables and tonearm combinations which employ the least complex electromechanical configurations, especially those doing away with intricate electronics or internal automations that may affect the mechanical isolation of the conversion system.

Many of such devices were refined over decades of development leading to state-of-the-art machines, some of which could set the enthusiast back by multiple thousands and even tens of thousands in hard currency.

However, with purity we lose the convenience and the comfort otherwise available with automatic turntables, some of which were marvels of technology in their own right at the time when the race for automation and complications was at its highest: some decades ago, too many decades ago that went by too fast...

So, you chose to go down the path of high-end, that quest for purity that never ends and every measure of satisfaction received along the way has a bittersweet taste... you worry who handles your gear, you tinker with the arm set-up and you are often wondering whether or not you could do with a better cartridge.

Then you worry about the cartridge and every play becomes a ritual and you are now the guardian of the system... you cannot walk away for too long because the record will end, you cannot fall asleep because the record will end, you cannot forget it on because the record will end... and if that happens, your cartridge and stylus will suffer and therefore you suffer...

The Mind-Pop Revolution name was given to a new product which combines record stabilization with the ability to lift the tonearm at the end of the play.

We didn't know exactly what to call it... is it a bird, is it a plane?... And then we realized, we brought to the industry a new term: The Presslift™! ​The Mind-Pop Revolution Presslift™ is the newest improvement instrument for manual turntables!

The "press" is for the record, the "lift" is for your peace of mind.

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